Our Story

In 2013 Minutian-vocalist Mikko Heino started to recall his childhood and youth. Years with the music of Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, WASP and Helloween rolling in his head repeadetly. As Mikko looked back he realized that he was yearning for that kind of music also with his role as a vocalist. 

In the beginning of 2000, while living in Jyväskylä, Mikko was building up a proggressive rock band, calling themselves ”Rylot”, which is kind of word-trick in finnish. Rylot means a bunch of rylos. ”Rylo” means nothing, but as pronounced the word ”rylo” sounds like finnsh word ”railo”, which means rift. As Mikko moved away from Jyväskylä, ”Rylot” continued as band called Leverage. 

Rylos felt natural name for Heino´s new, 80´s and 90´s rock music hailing band. At this moment Mikko had no idea how many rifts he have to pass with this band.

Almost simultaneously with the name, visual side of Rylos appeared. The youth controlled by Hard Rock had strong presence of 8-bit consoles with platform games. From the world of game aroused carrot-figure Ned the Carrot, to play role in cover art.

Mikko tried to remember the way he composed songs in 90´s. And so the straight, simple and energetic debut album, Game Theory was born theoretically.

In 2015 Mikko asked bassist Taneli Tulkki, a bandmate from Montage, to join Rylos. After quick pondering with lyrics and arrangements the pre-production of Game Theory was rerady. As a session-drummer appeared another Mikko´s bandmate, Minutianin´s explicit Antti Ruokola. Guitar was played by Mikko Majanen, who had worked in studio together with Minutian.

Heino called visual artist Esa Ahlqvist (Escileus) and told about his visions; platform games and Ned the Carrot. For reference Mikko showed some old video game covers. Heino also wrote a comic manuscript for Esa to draw. Comic strip was released concurrently with Game Theory.

Game Theory was released via Secret Entertainment on 2016. 

Mikko wanted emphatically bring the band in front of live audience. Studio line-up was too busy for live action. Heino had to search for new band members, and gigs to promote debut album. At the same time new songs popped out from the head of Mikko.

First live playing line-up was Taneli Tulkki, Otto Lönn (Guitar), and Simo kärki (Drums). With this line-up Rylos performed as supporting act to former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley at Henry´s Pub, Kuopio. 

Guitarrist and drummer left the band after a few gigs. Mikko contacted drummer Eetu Pesu, who had recently played a few gigs in Central Europe with Waltari. From Eetu´s hometown, Kouvola, was found another young and hungry musician, guitar virtuoso Sami Turunen. This line-up started to rehearse in Kouvola.

Because of the short length of Game Theory, Rylos needed something to fill up their show. Mikko picked an old favourite from his youth, Twisted Sister album Stay Hungry. The band performed the whole album as an encore. Talented and energy-filled group managed to put this crazy idea into practice with style.

Gigs were booked and played actively. At the same time Mikko outlined following album, Planet. Heino was in touch with Mikko Hämäläinen, old bandmate from Doodah, which was active 1995-1997. Both Mikko´s were confident that Rylos should re-arrange catchy Doodah-songs Post Human Powerstation and Into the Gutter.

Collaboration with Mikko Hämäläinen opened even wilder period of creativity. Mikko-duo wrote songs up in the drawer enough to fill 3 albums.

In the middle of active season Eetu Pesu told that he gets an opportunity to play on huge stages with hiphop-artist Nikke Ankara. Naturally that meant Eetu would no longer have time for Rylos.

Heino noticed videos made by Misca Muhli, talented young drummer who had been blind since birth. Eetu, who knew Muhli, thought he would be perfect drummer for Rylos. Mikko contacted Misca, who was welcome on Rylos after second rehearsals with the band.

And then Taneli Tulkki told that he can´t continue with Rylos, becaus of other activities.

Talented bass-player Matti Sorsa, who was even more into Iron Maiden than Heino, joined Rylos. Matti entered Deluxe-studio as his first step with the band and played bass-tracks on Planet-album.

Planet was recorded by Tero Tielinen and mixed by Mikko Majanen. Secret Entertainment released the album on 2017. 

As Matti joined the band Rylos was still playing some cover-songs live. After Planet they started working on Solarworks-album and proceeded to only perform their own material. At this period Sami Turunen had a one-year break from Rylos and Jukka Vehkala stepped in.

Collaboration with Mikko Hämäläinen continued and Solarworks ended up being a double album. Hämäläinen wrote the whole story and made arrangements. He also played guitars on Solarworks Pt.1, which was homespun, except drums that were bashed at Halon Design Studios in Kouvola, and excellent mixing by Mikko Herranen.

Solarworks Pt. 1 was released on 2018 by Inverse Records, while Rylos was busy with gigs.

The drums for Solarworks Pt. 2 were recorded at Sonic Pump Studio in Helsinki. Sami Turunen made a comeback and tapped nice melodies and solos with his guitar to decorate the album. Herranen took care of recording and mixing. 

Solarworks Pt. 2 was released as late as 2020 by Inverse Records. Matti played bass for Solarworks Pt.1 & Pt. 2, but on 2020 he was playing bass at maximum with Evil Drive. 

Changes with line-up during these years had been dissipating the band-chemistry. Mikko Heino was longing for new winds. Habitude of recording solo-performances in several places and sending files by e-mail seemed boring.

How could he, in 2020, find the same feeling that floated over band Doodah on 1995?

After Riina Suikkanen joined Rylos, Mikko contacted Anssi Kippo, a platinum selling music producer, and explained the situation.

In january 2020 Rylos entered Astia-Studio to record the song Climate.

Finally it seemed that the band had found their direction. With Anssi´s tip they started to lock into the groove, and feel comfortable at the same time. 

Rylos released digital single, Climate and booked a few gigs.

Then Covid-virus forced the whole world to stop.

The break caused by pandemic made a good effect on Rylos.

Mikko Heino started to see the timeline of his band in big picture and recognied his own failures as a leader.

From these thoughts uprose Misunderstood, a song, that started lyrical collaboration with inkhorn Arto Porvari. 

Rylos returned to Astia-Studio. Misunderstood was released in march 2021 as a digital single. A month later music video, shot by Suvi Laaninen, appeared on Youtube.

During the Covid-pandemic Mikko sharpened and polished texts under Arto´s supervision and the band acted more goal directed.

At the beginning of 2022 Rylos released digital singles Freak Lust and Road, still counting on high quality of Anssi Kippo and Astia-Studio. 

At the same time Inverse Records released a brilliant music-video for Road, made by Tino-Viljami Vanhala.

Sami Turunen left Rylos to concentrate on more intense work with Mustat Ruusut. 

While starting the search for new guitarist the band started liaison with manager Mika Karhumaa. Once again new viewpoints were found, starting from improvement of web-page and internet-coverage. 

After pointless talk with busy freelancer-guitarists Mikko found good old friend, Jussi Uutela. Jussi, who breathes both rock and roll, felt devoted when he was asked for entrance examination. Uutela nailed Rylos-songs easily and upgraded atmosphere in rehearsal-place with his positive attitude.

Rylos played one gig in Joensuu and two gigs in Kouvola at summer 2022. The audience in all 3 places captured nice footage. Pure live-energy of the most fresh Rylos.

In july 2022 a long period with Misca Muhli came to an end. Misca made a hard decision and gave more time to bands Traumateatteri and Sammuneet Lyhdyt. 

Jere Anttonen started his journey as Rylos-drummer in august 2022.

At autumn 2022 Rylos is starting a tour called Road to Neon Waylay, with Manzana and Gentle Savage. The band is working on new music.

Rylos is once again heading towards Astia-Studio to record a song called In the Cage. 

After the In The Cage session, Jere Anttonen decided to leave the band and Niko Partanen joined Rylos from Riina’s Lionhide band. The chemistry worked immediately and the band found something new again. The band continues to make the fifth Rylos album Signs of Life.

In the fall, Jussi Uutela left the band and was replaced by Juha-Pekka Pusa, who first took care of all the gigs from the end of 2023 and then joined the band. Rylos released Live at Pato Areena EP and recorded the new song Back Of The Line at Astia studio, produced by Anssi Kippo.

Rylos releases a 10-year anniversary collection album 10 Years of Chaorot, which is dedicated to everyone who has been involved in Rylos.

Fifth album, Signs Of Life, well be pure rolling steel.

At this very moment Rylos is more band than ever.